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The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician is an outlook and approach I embody and project in my life and work as a professional Hairstylist.  Before I began working as a Beautician in 2006, I was well on my way answering the call that had been put on my heart to write, teach, and speak about Women's Social and Emotional Wellness issues.   At the age of twenty, I actively began working on my personal dysfunctions, and by 2009, I had begun teaching the principles I was learning. Over the years I have continued to work in this area; running an online radio show, launching the Love Yourself First Movement and Blogging.  

In my life, Self-Love was a real journey; after growing up in an environment where I was made to hate myself.   For nearly twelve years now, I've been actively serving in the areas of emotional wellness, spiritual awareness, and personal development, and my tremendous weight loss has certainly added depth to my personal wellness, awareness, and development.  Witnessing the mental walls and strongholds that kept me extremely overweight fall down was truly life changing.  As a result of my own physical transformation, I am now finding a significant intrigue for health awareness and fitness.  I now share what I've learned and what I am still learning at

In 2006, I published the novel "Renegotiating Kayla", a story about a young woman trying to heal her brokenness after experiencing childhood sexual abuse.  In May 2017 I released A Better Pair of Shoes,  a follow up to that story on Blogger.  The novel follows the main character Kayla Ross as she continues to create her road to wholeness. The new book picks up after Kayla has exposed her father of sexual abuse, and just months after she has gotten married to Wood. Newly married yet still living under her old regime of sexually robust desires, Kayla seeks to get help, at the request of her husband. A Better Pair of Shoes also follows the quickly unraveling lives of the rest of the Ladies from Renegotiating Kayla; Camie, Ketly, and Aisha.  Read online at:

On my blog, The Road2Wholeness Blog, at, I write from a healed place about the things that I've faced and have worked diligently to overcome.  I know the subject matters aren't solely unique to me, therefore I share them in hopes of leaving people encouraged, empowered, and enriched.

Using the wisdom I have obtain about personal branding and brand identity over the last decade, in working as an independent and self-employed hairstylist; I am now expanding my business to include brand development, style branding, and persona management.  Yet, as a mission-driven individual, it's only natural that I would connect this new venture to my preexisting desire to build people up.  Therefore I use my style, story, and industry to promote and personify personal empowerment.  My latest campaign called Yo.BOB! (your own brand of beauty) begins April, 2017.  


I now write, teach, and speak on the issues of Self-LoveEmotional Weight-LossWholenessForgiveness, and Spiritual Awareness.  Follow my blog and online radio show by going to:
























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